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I recommend this workshop for anyone who is interested in strengthening their communication skills. This is far more than just a marriage seminar. It offers some necessary tools for a better life.

Troy Skog, Acting TeacherĀ 


MR 101 with Claudia and Alex dives deep. They allow the explorations of self discovery and shared experience to bring to light blind spots that may exist in your individual approach to relationships, while at the same time providing tools and resources – actual tangible models – to better navigate and become a more complete person. Who doesn’t want that!

Edwyn Kumar, Restaurant Operations Manager


MR 101 outlines a practical path that enables you to identify insights for your own personal growth, and clarity for best practices within the journey of relationship to others – from work colleagues to your most intimate loved ones. This course provides a wonderful tapestry of discovery, built upon foundational elements of trust, accountability, wisdom and compassion. Highly recommended!

JS Anderson, High-performance Coach


Information was well-presented and clearly explained. I loved the content and everything was presented in a very clear, well-thought out and intelligent structure. Each topic and piece of content building on another helped bring everything together and into clarity. The tools and practical skills we learned are easily applicable and easy to use in everyday life. The only thing I can say against it is I wish it was longer! Thank you!

Nicole Du Guya Visca, Yoga Instructor & Entrepreneur


I loved this workshop. It meets you at any level you’d care to go from communications tune-up to life.

Micheal Vonn, Lawyer


Personal development and growth can be challenging, but MR 101 made it fun and inspiring and left me wanting to learn more! The course covered a lot of deep content in an interactive format that made it easy to absorb, and the structure was clear and logical. There was obviously a lot of thought and expertise that went into its design. Alex is a dynamic, insightful and engaging facilitator who created a warm and inviting space that was conducive to learning and enabled everyone to interact and feel heard.

Sally Horne, Holistic Health Practitioner


Building successful and productive relationships are not a straightforward process. Understanding yourself is key, as well as being able to understand others. MR 101 provided me with the tools and insights to do just that. I feel empowered to be more curious about my colleagues, friends, and people I might date in the future. I now know where I can focus my energy in order to create more trust in my relationships.

Jennifer, Occupational Hygienist


Terrific workshop! Alex covers a lot of content, at a pace that allows us to apply and reflect the principles and ideas in a meaningful way, all while keeping the energy levels high and the participants engaged with each other throughout the program. I am particularly impressed with the way we covered some deeper psychological concepts, and how these ideas can very practically be applied into our everyday work and relationships. Highly recommended, I will be back for more!

Colin Mansell, Co-Founder, RED Academy