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"Insightful content and
practical tools"

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group of people"

"Knowledgeable, engaging
and warm facilitators"


I recommend this workshop for anyone who is interested in strengthening their communication skills. This is far more than just a marriage seminar. It offers some necessary tools for a better life.

Troy Skog, Acting TeacherĀ 


Terrific workshop! Alex covers a lot of content, at a pace that allows us to apply and reflect the principles and ideas in a meaningful way, all while keeping the energy levels high and the participants engaged with each other throughout the program. I am particularly impressed with the way we covered some deeper psychological concepts, and how these ideas can very practically be applied into our everyday work and relationships. Highly recommended, I will be back for more!

Colin Mansell, Co-Founder, RED Academy


I loved this workshop. It meets you at any level you’d care to go from communications tune-up to life.

Micheal Vonn, Lawyer


Personal development and growth can be challenging, but MR 101 made it fun and inspiring and left me wanting to learn more! The course covered a lot of deep content in an interactive format that made it easy to absorb, and the structure was clear and logical. There was obviously a lot of thought and expertise that went into its design. Alex is a dynamic, insightful and engaging facilitator who created a warm and inviting space that was conducive to learning and enabled everyone to interact and feel heard.

Sally Horne, Holistic Health Practitioner


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