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People today don’t only want practical or romantic relationships. They want to be with someone who inspires them to grow and be the best version of themselves.

We call these Modern Relationships.

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Our closest relationships are a primary determinant of our social, economic, and psychological well being, yet many of us don’t have the tools and practices we need to ensure that we consistently build the Modern Relationships we want. How might we shift from *finding* the right person, to *being* the right person?

Singles: We’ll help you learn how to *be* the right person, so that you can build the kinds of relationships you would like in your life.

Couples: How might you take your relationship from good to great, and consistently bring your best to each other?

Join us to learn the tools and practices you need to bring your best to your relationships, and how you can approach your closest relationships as a path for mutual growth and transformation.

Topics will include: self-awareness, personality styles, trust, working with conflict, emotional mastery, and mindfulness.

Invest in being the right person for yourself and the relationships that matter most to you.


I recommend this workshop for anyone who is interested in strengthening their communication skills. This is far more than just a marriage seminar. It offers some necessary tools for a better life.

Troy Skog, Acting Teacher 


Terrific workshop! Alex covers a lot of content, at a pace that allows us to apply and reflect the principles and ideas in a meaningful way, all while keeping the energy levels high and the participants engaged with each other throughout the program. I am particularly impressed with the way we covered some deeper psychological concepts, and how these ideas can very practically be applied into our everyday work and relationships. Highly recommended, I will be back for more!

Colin Mansell, Co-Founder, RED Academy


I loved this workshop. It meets you at any level you’d care to go from communications tune-up to life.

Micheal Vonn, Lawyer


Personal development and growth can be challenging, but MR 101 made it fun and inspiring and left me wanting to learn more! The course covered a lot of deep content in an interactive format that made it easy to absorb, and the structure was clear and logical. There was obviously a lot of thought and expertise that went into its design. Alex is a dynamic, insightful and engaging facilitator who created a warm and inviting space that was conducive to learning and enabled everyone to interact and feel heard.

Sally Horne, Holistic Health Practitioner



The workshop will be led by Alex Li Trisoglio. Alex is a world-class leadership advisor and relationships coach with 20 years’ experience working with senior executives of global organizations including McKinsey & Co. and The World Bank. He is an Adjunct Professor at UBC Sauder School of Business, and holds a first-class degree in Theoretical Physics from Cambridge and a PhD in Leadership from UCL. Alex has been teaching meditation and mindfulness for 20 years.

The only requirement is that you’re 18+ and you’d like to learn how to build great relationships. We welcome singles, couples, and those dating to the workshop, and those from diverse communities.

If you’re single, bring a friend to get the two-person discount!

Psychological safety is one of our cherished principles. You are invited to share and participate at whatever level you are comfortable with.

We will start promptly at 9am and end at 5pm on both Saturday and Sunday. Tea and coffee will be available from 8:30am. Meals are not included. We invite you to explore the many cafés and restaurants nearby.

While there are some differences in application, the skills and practices to cultivate self-awareness, build strong relationships, and resolve conflict are the same in both our personal and professional lives. This workshop is equally relevant as an investment in your professional development.

No previous education on relationships is required. However this educational workshop is not therapy. If you have any serious mental health issues or are dealing with addiction, domestic violence, or other serious relationship issues that require intervention, this workshop may not be suitable for you.

Questions? We would love to hear from you! Email us or call us at 604-262-8448.